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Progress Going Well

Hey guys, Howard here!

Still having pain in my tooth! Man it hurts a lot, in the morning I’m calling the dentist to take care of it. Besides going through the pain of my tooth since it cracked the last time out, I wanted to update you on my progress.

So I have finally started my freelancing last week and posted freelance proposals on Upwork. I wanted to begin to get traction before I start fully selling my services. I know I have a long way to go and as I’ve been waiting for opportunities, I’ve realized that I may have been counterproductive in what I could do to start building my experience. Which would make sense as to now starting to fully trust in freelancing.

Here is the video below of where I’m at so far, I recorded my progress on Notion and it has been a great tool for organizing and documentation. Check this out below:

Thanks guys for listening, catch you later!

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